21st Century Project
is created for everyone who has to make experiments in scientific research or quality control, where the success is depending on a live feedback calculated from measurement values. Look here for a introduction in working with 21th Century Project. If you are registered as interested person, you get further information about 21th Century Project.
Key features of 21st Century Project software: 
Motif® user interface 
Application design 
   without programming 
Analog input/output 
Serial interfaces input/output 
Video input 
Live calculation results 
Hierarchical experiment layout 
Hierarchical data administration 
Data set sizes up to terabytes 
Multidimensional data support 
Data visualization 2D + 3D 
Image data processing 
3D + stereo support 
Algebra calculations 
Logical calculations 
Text record data 
FFT and Filter 
Parameter Fitting 
Live network data transport 
Missing value processing 
Quantity calculation 
Range algebra for error pursue 
Complex numbers calculation 
Additional off line calculations 
Statistical evaluations 
Plugin interface 
Encapsulate PostScript® output 
HTML code output 
Available with the start of 
   the 21st century 
Floating licenses 
Download, try& buy distribution 
Primary implementation platform: 
SunTM's Ultrasparc® computers 
SunTM's Solaris®
introduction to 21th Century Project
introduction to 21th Century Project
introduction to 21th Century Project
If you have any questions or suggestions for the development of 21st Century Project, please send a mail to 21CP@HCHS.de